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New Special Issue: International Journal of Law and Psychiatry

17 November 2010 at 18:31

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry

Volume 33, Issues 5-6,  Pages 279-482 (November-December 2010)

Therapeutic Jurisprudence Symposium
Edited by Bruce J. Winick and David B. Wexler

Bruce J. Winick (September 1st, 1944 to August 26th, 2010)   
Page 279
David B. Wexler

Foreword: An International Symposium on Therapeutic Jurisprudence   
Page 280
Bruce J. Winick, David B. Wexler

Therapeutic Jurisprudence As An Instrument of Law Reform and Policy Analysis

Therapeutic jurisprudence: A framework for evidence-informed health care policymaking
Pages 281-292
Amy T. Campbell

A school peer mediation program as a context for exploring therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ): Can a peer mediation program inform the law?
Pages 293-305
Nicky McWilliam

Reversing the historical tide of iatrogenic harm: A therapeutic jurisprudence analysis of increases in arrests of domestic batterers and rapists
Pages 306-320
Leonore M.J. Simon, Steven J. Ellwanger, John Haggerty

The Cognitive Interview method of conducting police interviews: Eliciting extensive information and promoting Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Pages 321-328
Ronald P. Fisher, R. Edward Geiselman

Sex crime legislation: Proactive and anti-therapeutic effects
Pages 329-335
Christian Diesen, Eva F. Diesen

Audiovisual communication and therapeutic jurisprudence: Cognitive and social psychological dimensions
Pages 336-340
Neal Feigenson

Establishing a compulsory drug treatment prison: Therapeutic policy, principles, and practices in addressing offender rights and rehabilitation
Pages 341-349
Astrid Birgden, Luke Grant

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Protection of Vulnerable Populations

Guardianship for your own good: Improving the well-being of respondents and wards in the USA
Pages 350-368
Jennifer L. Wright

Medical decision-making for incapacitated elders: A “therapeutic interests” standard  
Pages 369-374

Marshall B. Kapp

The persistence of low expectations in special education law viewed through the lens of therapeutic jurisprudence
Pages 375-397
Richard Peterson

Swedish legal scholarship concerning protection of vulnerable groups: Therapeutic and proactive dimensions
Pages 398-405
Moa Kindström Dahlin, Pernilla Leviner, Anna Kaldal, Clara Hellner Gumpert

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Problem-solving Courts

Enforcer, manager or leader? The judicial role in family violence courts
Pages 406-416
Michael King, Becky Batagol

A testable theory of problem solving courts: Avoiding past empirical and legal failures  
Pages 417-427
Richard L. Wiener, Bruce J. Winick, Leah Skovran Georges, Anthony Castro

Dealing with mentally ill domestic violence perpetrators: A therapeutic jurisprudence judicial model
Pages 428-439
Bruce J. Winick, Richard Wiener, Anthony Castro, Aryn Emmert, Leah S. Georges

Therapeutic jurisprudence and mental health courts for Maori
Pages 440-447
Valmaine Toki


Trying differently: A relationship-centered approach to representing clients with cognitive challenges
Pages 448-462
David M. Boulding, Susan L. Brooks

Justice foundations for the Comprehensive Law Movement
Pages 463-474
Dale Dewhurst

“Too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity”: Some therapeutic jurisprudence dilemmas in the representation of criminal defendants in incompetency and insanity cases
Pages 475-481
Michael L. Perlin

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